Capturing moments, providing memories for a lifetime

Hello from myself, Chris Waterworth.

I am a photographer based in central England on the Worcestershire / Shropshire border but armed with a satnav can and will go where required to capture the moment.

My journey into photography started back in 1980 with a Praktica MTL3 SLR (still have it on a shelf) in 1980 and started capturing images whenever I could, always inspired by the joy and memories a photograph could bring. This was all before the days of "P" mode, so you learnt manual exposure along with manual focus from day one. If you got it wrong the lab sent you back a blurred, over or under exposed image. You also thought much more about the moment you were going to capture with one of you 24 or 36 frames on the roll of film.

Where it all started in 1980

Since then I have moved through the film ages with my Praktica and later a Canon EOS 10 into to the digital world with various bridge, compact's and D-SLR cameras. I have finally settled in the Canon space for my equipment, but this is from what I knew and previously had used. I view the camera as a tool for a job and it is just a case of finding one that feels right to you and delivers what you expect. One piece of good advice I received, was to invest in the glass and not the body.

Many great photographs were captured on much lesser capable cameras than we have today, and I agree that a camera regardless of cost cannot capture the moment, the photographer feels the moment just before pressing the shutter.

I love all aspects of photography, some things give more enjoyment, but as a whole they provide a creative need. As a preference my photographic areas (in no order) have moved towards are in.

  • Commercial
  • Landscape
  • Portraiture (people and animals)
  • Events (public or hosted)
  • Natural surroundings

For me it is the challenge of creating memories that last and to do this I am willing to give my focus to all areas and look to deliver best results I can.

Thanks for stopping by.