Winter Feed For The Birds

So with the weather as it is, snow everywhere, frozen water, generally cold. It is difficult for the birds to find food and water under the snow. So I make a habit of cracking the ice on our pond each day so that they can drink and then put seed out for food. What do I get out of this; … Read More

J20 Bottle Shoot – Building the Scene

The other week I decided I wanted a little project, just something that was quick, but delivered pleasing images. So after throwing a few ideas around, I decided it would be fun to photograph some bottles. Originally I thought of whisky, wine, etc, but this is not something I have readily to hand, and decided an alternative approach would be … Read More

Blue Moon, not a Blood Red for the UK

Today there has been discussion of a blood red supper moon, a rare occurrence. For the UK or at least me, all I could see this evening before the clouds moved in was a very clear moon. I am not really sure it was any larger than normal. Apparently the blue moon is not the colour, but refers to the … Read More

Walk to the top

Today I decided that it would be fun to get out and take some landscape photos on the Brown Clee in Ditton Priors, Shropshire, England. So what is the Brown Clee Hill, it is the highest hill in the rural English county of Shropshire, at 540 metres above sea level. It was home to active quarrying until 1936 and used … Read More

Different Styles

What are the different styles of photography and what do they refer to. Fine Art Photography, Photojournalism, Commercial.

Departure from Koken

Finally made the decision to re-port my website from the Koken CMS platform to Wordpress using the versatile theme from called “X”.

Supporting the local magazine

We have had the pleasure this year of supporting the local Rock Magazine in photographing the local events for the publication. This was supported by Richard Waterworth as main photographer capturing the feeling of the local church event. Later in the year I had the opportunity to provide the images for the main summer show for the magazine. It was … Read More

Moved to Koken

So it felt only right that the first post on this site would be this. I recently started reviewing the “CMS for Photography” system from and liked the simplicity of the interface and the integration into Adobe Lightroom for publishing and managing pictures on the site. There are some features missing but I will review those in a later … Read More