Moved to Koken

So it felt only right that the first post on this site would be this.

I recently started reviewing the “CMS for Photography” system from and liked the simplicity of the interface and the integration into Adobe Lightroom for publishing and managing pictures on the site. There are some features missing but I will review those in a later post, but initially the one that jumps out is the lack of integration to as opposed to hosting the images on the site.

My previous site was a bespoke site I created in HTML, but it referenced images from Flickr which saved updating all the time. The issue I had was reliably displaying the images across various platform. I know this is possible and can be done in, php, and other scripting languages, but I did not have the spare time to re-educate myself in this. So I decided to look around and was pointed at Koken by my son (

I tried the site on my current hosting platform, but had issues rendering on platform other than Chrome, I believe this was due to the htaccess files on and IIS platform. So I moved to a Linux Apache platform from The setup was easy and the site was displaying content in a matter of hours, (love to say minutes, but nothing is that quick nowadays).

So current setup is: shared hosting, and CMS system.